Buyer Beware is a Scam; SenderScore stole my money, do not trust Sender Score

Akron, Ohio 2 comments
Not resolved should not be in business.It overcharges, under delivers, and does not honor its contractual services.

The development of their work was slow and tedius with very little assistance on their part. It took forever to get someone to assist me. Then, when it was time for renewal, SenderScore automatically charged my credit card without my authorization. When I protested this charge, they posted some now negative and false accusations on the internet.

When I called Sender Score to resolve this matter, I was told there is nothing they could do for me.

I asked to speak with their CEO and was told they could not transfer my call.They said I would need to send him an e-mail.

Review about: Sender Score Scam.



@J.D.he is most likely referring to ReturnPath which is the company that provides

They offer paid services to increase deliverability and monitor inbox placement.

I do not use their paid services nor have I heard of anyone who has so I can't comment.But I do know that providers such as Comcast, RoadRunner, and (I think?) ATT/Bellsouth use their paid certification program as a whitelist.

On a side note and I have looked at their prices and they don't seem very reasonable for anyone who doesn't already experience a high ROI on their e-mail programs.


Everything on is free. Are you perhaps thinking of some other product?

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